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What is College Battle of the Bands?
College Battle of the Bands (AKA CBOB) is the only nationwide search for the top college musicians, bands, and live music artists of all genres.

What is CAMPVS?
CAMPVS Entertainment (referred to as just CAMPVS) is the parent company of College Battle of the Bands, Campus DJ, and more!

When was it founded?
College Battle of the Bands was founded in 2009.  After a short break  in 2013-14, CBOB held a Spring 2015 tour and will soon be re-launching in a new national format.

Why was it created?
College Battle of the Bands (CBOB) wa launched in 2009 based on the demand for live musicians and artists nationally, co-founded by Campus MovieFest, Evan Shapiro, and CyKiK, the tour was launched to help find and support the top emerging talent who are driven to create all around the nation.  

What does the winner receive?
Regional Winners advance to the next round of the competition and receive sponsored gear and prizing.  National Grand Prizes to be announced each season.

Who is eligible to compete?
Musicians of any / all genres who are current undergraduates at any official college or university are eligible to compete.  Bands with multiple members need to have one-half or more of its members currently still as undergraduate students.  Note, if you are a College DJ, please visit and compete in:

What is the schedule?
See Tour Page for latest:

Notable Alumni:

  • The Lonely Biscuits (Belmont U), 2012 Southeast Region Winner and National Finalist

  • Rozzi Crane (USC), 2011 SoCal Region Winner and National Finalist

  • John King Band (UGA), 2011 Southeast Region Winner and National Finalist

  • Mike Posner (Duke), 2009 National Wildcard Winner and National Finalist

  • Local Natives (Pepperdine), 2009 Regional Winner and National Finalist

  • Raquel Rodriguez (USC), 2012 National Winner

  • Bailen Brothers (NYU), 2012 National Finalist and 2013 Social Justice Winner

  • Land of Pines (U of Washington / NYU), 2011 National Winner

  • Beyond This Point (Five Towns College), 2010 National Finalist

  • Jake Snider (Columbia U), 2010 National Finalist

  • Apple Trees & Tangerines (Lee U), 2010 National Winner

  • The Shadowboxers (Emory U), 2010 Regional Finalist

  • Daylight Broadcast (Lamar U), 2009 National Winner

  • Allison Weiss (UGA), 2009 National Finalist

  • Flula Borg, MC and Host


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